Candid is capturing the beautiful glance exchanged between the couple, pleasant laughter of friends, applause on the faces of the guests, worry on the bride’s face, tearful eyes of the mother, brothers running and attending the guests. This is often about capturing real moments and expressions of these people once they are unaware of it that they’re being clicked. Yes, the simplest shots are the natural ones, the candid ones. The one where you’re like yourself. Your natural shot is your best pose.

 A talented candid photographer captures these lifetime moments. It can reflect a smile on your face for several years to come back.

To make it simple, anything which is not posed is candid.

Weddings are the foremost awaited events in a person’s life. You spend a huge amount of time, effort, and money to plan your grand events. You will not accept wasting any moment that comes along that day.

Documentary photography presents a full-day sequence of every moment and emotions which will function your lifetime memory.

The fashion style wedding photography mainly focuses on recreating the glamour of magazines by making the couple pose in front of the most beautiful backgrounds available using unique camera lighting, poses, props, and a host of other special effects. These photos are attention-grabbing and do full justice to the amount you spent on wedding photography.

Traditional wedding photography is the opposite of candid photography. This photography style is best described by the formal staged shots of the bride and groom with all their loved ones posing and looking towards the camera and saying – cheese! These are pre-planned shots and need plenty of direction from the photographer. Here you are much aware of what you are getting in your wedding album because here you decide what should be clicked, and shouldn’t be clicked.

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo/video shoot of a couple done before the wedding. This shows the bond the couple share with one another. This shoot is completed in casual outfits(different from a heavy wedding outfit). Here we shoot some fun footage in a well-choreographed way so that we blend all shots and make a 4-5 mins song which will look like a music video and also we prepare a gorgeous album which you’ll cherish after the marriage. This can be used in the highlight film as well as you can also show this during the sangeet or the wedding. Clothes, styling, and makeup are arranged by the client.

This style is actually about capturing all the joys and excitement behind the curtains with beautiful yet funny props against which pictures are clicked. For all those people who feel shy in getting clicked publicly, this can be the place where you’ll be freed from all inhibitions and find your picture-perfect moment captured and treasure it forever. Photo booths are often found out during a sort of setting like weddings, parties, corporate events providing tremendous opportunities for companies to market themselves and to people to preserve some special photos. For this service, we send our specially trained photographers and therefore the complete found out right from the photo booth to lights and printers so that you’ll gift the photographs to your guests instantly. Please note that this is often a further service and is on the market for the asking and is chargeable.

It serves as a medium by which, at the click of a button, you can access all your moments captured during your big day. You can download them, sort them as your favorite photos, and make your personalized photo album with your favorites. We will provide you a link and a password to access the gallery. You can also access the gallery through our gallery app.

Once your album is ready, we usually send them to you via courier and upload a digital copy on our album app where you can view them from anywhere for a lifetime. 

You are free to share your digital album with your loved one and make your fan following.

We mostly prefer to cover the entire wedding as one team covering photography and cinematography both. We recommend you book us for both the bride and groom side so that we own all the photos and videos of both sides which we will blend together during post-processing with equal priority given to both hero and heroine of the wedding that results in a perfect wedding film and album.

It also avoids getting into each- other’s frame because the team knows each other very well.

Last but not the least, it also helps you to reduce the final amount spent by you on wedding photography and cinematography.

We deliver all that we shoot during or before the wedding ceremony. We do not hold back anything that should be delivered to a client. To start with, we create an impressive digital wedding invitation in both jpg and video formate almost a month before the wedding day. Next, we come up with a wedding teaser of 3-5 min which you can share with your friends, family, relatives, and also on social platforms. Thereafter a final highlight video of 50-55 min with your story and all the beautiful moments happened during the ceremony. Apart from that we also deliver you an exquisite album of images selected by you. 

We provide all the raw data in a hard drive (provided by the client.)

We normally take 80-90 days for the final delivery. All can be delivered even in less time if the client can spare his/her own time to make the choice of the photos and provide the names or titles needed, without any delay. In short, if the client makes his/her choice in time, we can deliver in the given time or even less.

The number naturally depends on your requirements and factors like no. of guests, location, timing, and tenure of the wedding. However, normally we provide 2-3 cinematographers(candid style) and 2-3 photographers(candid & documentary style) along with a director and an aerial cinematographer. Apart from this, we also include 1-2 assistants.

Yes, reduction affects the cost. But we don’t recommend reducing the size of the crew because the crew works as a team with different camera people specialized in different shooting gadgets and styles. This will affect the quality of the film.

Most wedding photographers showcase only their best works which they might want you to evaluate them on.But the standard of an excellent photographer lies within the ability to deliver great shots consistently. We have our quality certification module where we measure the talent and skill of our photographers based on their consistency and attitude towards their job. We ensure that what you get from Weddingpur photographers is a complete package of consistent great photo quality, technical skillfulness, and an amiable personality.

Above all, you have the trust of a brand name which means that you get back up photographers if something goes wrong.

Our rates are totally flexible and depend on your photography and cinematography requirements. We charge by day basis. However, just to give you some idea, the rates starting at Rs 35K and vary according to the number of teams you need, the kind of work you desire, duration of your event, number of guests, lights and of course travel if any.

At any point, it would be best to give us a call on 8235109707 and share your questions as the charges cannot be shared upfront here without us knowing your requirements. We would be glad to help you.

We calculate our work hours from the time we reach your venue to the time after we leave. We do count whatever hours we are asked to attend in between while we aren’t shooting. This rule has been made because we wish to target each assignment in a very dedicated fashion and hence be focused throughout the event. And if we are working, we want to get paid – right?

Not at all. We charge and finalize the dates after explaining everything in detail to make the whole process hassle-free and transparent without any hiccups.

When it involves payment, we are very particular because we feel that it’s our right to get paid once we have worked so hard. No over demands – right?

30% of the confirmed amount is what we charge once you book us. You can pay us using any mode of payment you’re comfortable with. Do remember that the booking is confirmed only when we get the money in our account. The remaining 50% is payable on the day of the shoot and rest 20% when all deliverables are delivered. Please remember that we’ll start editing your photos and videos only when we’ve received an 80% payment. Any delivery timeline given to you may, therefore, get extended if there’s a delay in payment. 

In our company’s history, we’ve never encountered a case where cancellations have happened. However, just in case they do we demand 100% payment as we might have blocked the dates, crew, and equipment for those dates, and hence its an entire loss for us.

For most of the locations outside Patna, travel, stay and food arrangements for the crew are required from your side. The quote shared with you doesn’t  include the travel/stay component.

Definitely yes, Once we get all the footages and bytes, we do the first round of editing, as it should be. Thereafter we call the couple or any other person referred by him/her on their behalf, to suggest cuts & additions, if required. In fact, none of the deliverables are given without the prior approval of the concerned couple.

As there are a good number of clients waiting patiently to view their events and editing is a cumbersome process, we are unable to provide more the one round of changes, whatsoever before the final delivery.

Almost everything whether it demands a change or modification in images, music, bytes, speeches(if any), length of the video that is to be delivered finally. However, in the case of Teasers & Highlights, we must make it clear that our experts do it on their own experience & instincts. And it works.

Well, the answer depends on you. We can never guarantee that each one of your guests is going to be covered in our candid images and videos. In these our focus is especially on the bride and groom and other important relatives and friends from both sides which is what we believe candid is all about. Years down the line, you’d never want to see candid shots of random people. In fact in candid photography and cinematography, we tend to capture only the main events. Its always better to possess a traditional team for all the smaller events and for complete coverage. If you feel that the elders in the house would want to see each and every guest, the food, or absolutely anything and everything related to the wedding then you should hire traditional photographers and videographers. Just let us know and we will get a traditional team along with us, of course at an extra charge.

We cover all the main functions on the day for which we’re hired. Other than candid shots (of the bride and groom and main family), we do take some portraits and traditional shots of the main family members to confirm that if you’re not hiring a traditional team separately, you are going to miss anything important. Please note that for extensive traditional photography and videography requirements like covering all the guests (other than the bride and groom, and main family), posed group shots on stage, full sangeet performances, etc. you do need a separate traditional team.

In case you have multiple functions happening simultaneously at different venues, and you want coverage of all of them, then do let us know while making your inquiry so that we can arrange for bigger teams.

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95% of the time our answer is yes. However, when we get time from weddings we do shoot corporate events, documentaries, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. Contact us to find out if we are available for any other functions other than weddings.

Our core team consists of 20 members. Our team is pre-determined and fixed as soon as we block the dates for you. Each and every member of our team is experienced in their respective style of shooting. We don’t outsource any of our work (We have full-time editors for photographs, films, and albums). Hence, you can rest assured of the quality of work you will be given.

All the work we do is copyrighted by Weddingpur and we reserve the right to publish it for our promotions or for any contests we enter into. We do not put our client’s privacy at stake. Please note that all the media which you may receive from our site is copyrighted by Weddingpur. Of course, the Pictures and videos are definitely yours, but only for non-commercial use.

The scope of editing is as follows:-

Candid Photos-We capture thousands of images throughout the event. During the editing process, the best shots are shortlisted and color corrected. The scope of edit is limited to enhancing the colors, minor croppings, and putting different tones only.

Cinematic films and highlight/teasers- Beautiful and important shots are selected and placed on the timeline. Carefully selected music is put and therefore the visuals are matched with the audio bed. Colour correction is done on the final output to boost the colors.

Traditional videos: We put everything on a timeline except incomplete or defocused shots, set the matching music and put the text titles in the beginning.

Traditional photos: Best of the shots are selected and given to you without any color correction and enhancement.

Please note that we do all sorts of editing possible on the final selection of images which will be printed on the album.