Terms & Condtions


As an artist, we work hard every time to achieve something new, so it is very important to showcase our work. Weddingpur reserves the right to use all of its photographs/videos for promotional and publication purposes. Clients allow us to use all of the photos covered in this contract to grow our business. It includes advertising, magazine article, website, social media post, brochures, sample albums, etc.

Obviously, the images/videos belong to the clients but he/she cannot use this for any commercial purpose without any royalty to the photographer. They can only use our work for a non-commercial purpose like an album or canvas printing, social media sharing, etc.

We respect our client’s privacy and honor our professional bond. We also never sell any of our client’s images. All this is done keeping in mind the Copyright Act 1957.


  • For booking at certain places where the authorities do not give the photographer their freedom to take photos. The area where we are told to use for photography and to cover the ceremony may not be our choice. Hence in that scenario, we cannot accept responsibility for any obstructed view should this be the case.
  • Due to the variety of lighting and limitations of the digital sensor of the camera, the color of some photos might be different from the rest of the photos. We urge all our clients to keep the venue properly lit up as lighting is assigned to the decor in charge.
  • We regularly check all our camera equipment and always keep backup equipment ready with us so that we can use them when needed, but still, we will not be responsible for photographs that are not produced due to a technical glitch.

Our team won’t be held responsible for any lighting failure during the shoot because it’s totally the client’s responsibility to organize the venue and brief them about the sort of lighting and stage setup needed. Hence,  the photographer will not be held to blame for any dark backgrounds or miscellaneous colors obtained in the images. However, the client can ask for the photographer’s advice as we have experience of shooting at different lighting conditions and that we know exactly which light is sweet for photography.


In a situation where for some reason the marriage cannot start or end on time, in those situations, we could not guarantee our normal set of images although we still try our best to compensate for the loss. A good photographic result requires a lot of client support and punctuality. Our entire schedule, work style, and experience are designed to capture all of our client’s wedding moments for a lifetime.

Every one is a photographer

These days, every guest of yours may be a photographer because he/she has a mobile with a camera in it and he/she keeps on taking photographs of the bride and groom but in doing so it is difficult to figure out the difficulties the photography team has to face. We can’t be held answerable for a scarcity of wedding photos if guests taking their own photos and interrupting the Photographer’s work.

So called rules of some person and venues

 Photographers are sometimes limited by rules imposed by officials, ministers, and venue management. In such situations, they decide what we can do and what we can’t. For example, some leaders prevent us from doing flash photography, in some places we are asked to do photography only from a very limited space that they have allotted for photographers. They also limit the use of equipment. In such circumstances, We advise the Clients to make themselves aware of the venue rules and if possible negotiate with the concerned person.

Payment Terms and Booking

We take 30% at the time of booking,50% on the event date, and rest 20% when deliverables are delivered.

We don’t want to bother our client on the wedding day just for payment. Hence we request our client to clear the payments on time for a  smooth workflow.

Please note, the editing starts once 80% of the final amount is received.

Once we receive the booking amount, an official mail is sent to the client for booking confirmation with all the details. This mail confirms the Booking with us. Booking is made only after receiving the booking amount.  Any verbal communication or chat doesn’t guarantee a booking if the advance amount is not paid.

Our bookings are on a first-cum-first-serve basis. Booking is considered confirmed only once 30% of the booking amount is paid and this advance amount is non-refundable.

Deliverables :

(  we emphasize more on the standard of our work rather than quantity.  Kindly discuss with us about  your expectations before going through the deal )

Traditional Photography: The number of images can range from 200 to 800 shots depending on the type and length of the event.

Candid Photography: You’ll get a minimum of 70-100 candid shots for a small event and it can go up to 250-500 for a big day or maybe more depending on the duration of the event and no. of photographers covering the event.

Wedding Film: It includes a Wedding Teaser of ( 5- 10 mins ) and a wedding highlight of ( 40–50 mins ).

Donation ( optional ):

We have a soft corner for our society and environment. Hence, we donate 1% of the booking amount for these noble causes. We work with some NGO’s and would love to have you to be a part of this initiative. We can guarantee you that you’ll feel good.

A quick summery

. Our bookings are on a first-cum-first-serve basis. Booking is taken into account only once when 30% of the booking amount is paid and this advance amount is non-refundable.

  • We don’t book or provide a location for the pre-wedding shoot. It’s purely a client’s choice. But, we can recommend you a few places both free and paid which we know. We prefer not to shoot at public places for several reasons. However, the client’s input is always welcomed and appreciated.
  • We don’t allow any photographer or cinematographer either professional or hobbyist except our team to shoot the wedding. just in case there’s, we will not guarantee a satisfactory output. we’d like full freedom for our creativity and work.
  • You need to take care of our traveling, lodging, and obviously, our food for any wedding project outside Patna.
  • We don’t cover food(people having their food). You’d obviously not like having cameras on your face while you’re enjoying the food.
  • Our work is an art, so to prevent it from misuse by others, we always put a watermark. We recommend you utilize our watermarked images while sharing on social media and not crop the watermark.
  • You will be charged extra for any last-minute additional requirements.

Both Parties Will automatically agree to the mentioned terms and conditions on Booking.

I ( client ) hereby agree to the terms of service and deliverables promised by Weddingpur and confirm that they are up to my knowledge and have no problem handing over the responsibility to them.