Wedding Cinematography vs Wedding Videography

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Videography is capturing each and every moment from beginning to end. It is not creative and doesn’t use any sort of storytelling. It is purely meant to capture the complete event from start to end without much artistry or exotic camera angles. The video camera used with this technique is a  fixed lens camera that has a lower resolution. Very minimal editing is done with very few cuts results in boring 3 to 4 hours long video. But, today you wish your story being told shortly and creatively. That’s where modern wedding cinematography comes into action.

Cinematography is way different than videography. It’s an art blended with creativity with storytelling. The wedding teasers you’ve seen on our website and blog are all shot cinematic. For this technique, we use a DSLR and mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses that can get some amazing depth of field shots. We also use gadgets like gimbals, cine sliders, wireless microphones, professional video lights, etc to make these wedding films more beautiful. When it comes time to editing, we carefully watch every footage taken throughout the event, Choose the best shots and then blend them together with matching music and audio bites. Color correction is also done to the final output.

Modern Indian bride’s want her wedding video to look like a Bollywood film, This is where wedding cinematography comes into action. Today couples don’t shy to pose, dance, hug, or kiss in front of the camera and this has led to a major shift in wedding cinematography. Gone are those days when a cameraman with a huge camera and halogen light keeps on recording everything throughout the day. Today wedding videos are all about telling stories.

Today’s wedding films are produced in the style of Bollywood. There are emotions, music, and dancing with a clear storyline, and with the couple playing the lead role.


With Mobile phones in everyone’s hands, everyone seems to be a videographer, Cinematographer, and photographer now. Here, the thing is to understand that if someone gave you a paintbrush and a blank canvas, could you paint like a professional painter who has worked hard for years to master that art, obviously not. Similarly, if someone gave you a video camera and some editing software, could you create the next Bahubali? Obviously No.

Every artist incorporates a  style and technique that’s unique to them. Similar to those artists, our style and technique of capturing weddings are unique to us.

 Just because the tools are available easily, it doesn’t mean the man behind the tool knows every aspect of creating a cinematic movie.

To clarify, we do not say videography is bad. There is a space for it in the wedding industry. We just want to make you understand the difference between these. It totally depends upon your preferences and your budget which one you opt for your big day.

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