Important tips to improve your wedding photography


Lighting and Decor on the Venue

Lighting and decor together enhance a photograph. Finalizing a decorator is as important as finalizing a photographer. A poor combination of colors can not only throw a bad impression on your guests but, it can also result in poor colors of photographs. For example, the use of colorful LED lights placed directly to the couple on stage will only result in harsh exposure, inappropriate colors and lost details. Kindly use the Only tungsten or fluorescent colors on stage for a perfect color photo on stage.

Use of Mobile Cameras

Most often we are only being disturbed by mobile photographers. They come in our frames, block all the space in front of the stage, disturb the couple asking them to look in their cameras. Most of our time is spent handling them. Hence we compromise with time allotted to us for photography.

We request you to kindly make everyone understand or better than that, place a board requesting people to keep their phones away, and not to disturb the professionals at work.

How to get the best pictures:-

  • Everyone’s cooperation is the secret behind a good photo. Whether it is with family members or the couple’s understanding with the photographer.
  • Wedding Planners help a lot to ease off the pressure by taking care of all the last-minute arrangements on your wedding day.
  • Hotel/Banquet staff’s support is also important. You should make them understand the quality of work is being carried out so as to ensure they don’t interrupt the proceedings by moving in front of the cameras while serving.


  • Posing is a very essential part of any photography session. You did a pose and the person in front may not even know that you posed, this is your art.
  • Everyone wants his picture to be better than others, so you complete your homework so that you know which pose is right for you.
  • You could share your friends and take their opinion if you want.
  • There is no rule to do a pose. In which you are comfortable, that is good for you.
  • Standing simple with confidence and leaving everything else to your photographer also leads to very good results and grab everyone’s attention. Here Photographer’s lighting and framing skills work.


A great composition takes time. A photographer needs to arrange the lights, maintain the look of everyone in front of the camera and so many things depending on the situation. So you should have trust in your photographer and give them their space and time to create a masterpiece. A great shot is a result of mutual understanding between you and your photographer.

Stage Photographs:-

  • Group photography on stage is an important part of the wedding. You get a chance to share your wedding memories with many people whom you have not met for years and you do not want to lose this opportunity.
  • While being clicked into a  group photo on the stage, you should first pose for your photographer and then you should interact with other people on stage. This will help you to avoid open-mouth photos or closed-eyed photos which you will never like.
  • Photographers may find it difficult to manage a lot of people on stage. There is a lot of noise on stage, DJs are playing or a lot of people keep talking continuously. So you should corporate with them.

Whom to Hire:-

It is very important to have your clarity regarding photography, you should make a booking only keeping in mind what you like or dislike.

  • For photography we recommend you to get two candid photographers as well as two traditional photographers for tension-free complete coverage.
  • For Videography – Maximum the number of videographers, more variation in shots you will get. We recommend you one traditional Videographer and two cinematographers on every 50 guests.
  • Kindly inform the photographer about the complete schedule. Last moment modifications could be very tough to handle.
  • Never surprise your wedding photographer in terms of Performances It is very important to know about all the programs in advance to make our precise preparation.
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