What is destination wedding photography?


If you want your wedding to be a thing outside the world, then a destination wedding is the right choice for you. Destination weddings have become increasingly popular with the younger generation over the last ten years because of their uniqueness, grandeur, and a lifetime experience. Now Couples are opting for a destination wedding as they seek larger than life experiences away from the hustle and bustle. We, at Weddingpur, have mastered the art of destination wedding photography to provide services to our clients that are as exclusive as the destinations they choose.

Who wouldn’t want to tie a knot or walk to a place that looked like heaven !! A destination wedding is the most romantic beginning they can have for their married life. Not only will family and loved ones have to go there to witness the holy marriage, but nature and memorials will be a witness to the beginning of your love story. A destination wedding is a grand celebration of your wedding and only professional destination wedding photographers will do justice to your ceremonies. Weddingpur has covered weddings at various locations and has the expertise to photograph the entire event in the most professional yet creative manner.

common questions answered

1.Can we only have a destination wedding with close family members and then celebrate with a crowd when we return?

Absolutely! When you are planning a wedding in another city, you most likely go with a short guest list. This may be due to the size of your venue or how comfortably your guests experience spending money. So if the wedding ceremony will only consist of one or two dozen guests, you should certainly arrange a house party or reception to welcome your family, friends and other guests.

2.What do we need to do on a wedding invitation?

Unlike traditional wedding invitations, you need to give your guests more information when you are asking them to move out of town. In addition to your actual invitation, you want to get to know all the events you’ve planned so that guests can know how long to stay in that city. The invitation should include the date, time, and location of each event. You also need to print a card with the details entered about where to stay. (make aware your guests on how to get discounts on hotel booking, hotels give group discounts).

A wedding website is also a great idea, especially for guests who travel with a lot of luggage. This will allow you to keep everything in one place, as well as include details about transportation, stay, local activities, and the actual event venue.

3.When should we send save our dates to our desired guests?

If your guests need to book a flight for your wedding, ensure to allow them enough time to plan the trip. If you’re planning a marriage in other countries then a number of your guests might not have their passport. Those guests also need time. Therefore you must send save the dates a minimum of six months earlier.- and may have all the travel details outlined on your wedding website for the convenience of your guests.

4. What is the best time of day to have a destination wedding?

 Each wedding venue has certain times for the ceremony. As you are planning we need to think about the time of day and time of year.  you should avoid hot summer days or rainy season if you’re getting married under the open sky. You need to think about the weather before finalizing the date and venue.

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