What is candid wedding photography and how is it different from traditional photography?

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Indian wedding is a once in a lifetime moment. People want to remember their special day and photography is the only way for them to remember the day forever. People when busy doing several other chores don’t bother much about their poses, but later when they see those pictures they feel happy and could easily recall what exactly happened then when the picture was taken. Wedding photography is just not about pictures, it is about your emotions, happiness, joy, and laughter.

These days, Candid is on everyone’s mouth. however, evergreen traditional photography will always in trend. Today most of the couples get confused about which one to choose.

Let’s know how candid wedding photography is different from traditional wedding photography so NO MORE CONFUSION NOW!!

What is candid wedding photography?

candid wedding photography is taking natural photos when the couple is unaware of their pictures being taken. These photos are real as the poses are not predefined in it. It is all about observation and timing. We move around the wedding area, observe people, and click random and spontaneous moments of people, without letting them know about it.

Hence we get natural shots, which brings in a sense of realism in it. This purity of candid wedding photography has made it very popular nowadays despite a higher cost than that of traditional wedding photography.

What is Traditional Photography?

 All of you have witnessed traditional wedding photography for many years now, where we, the photographer give you certain directions time to time and ask you “LOOK HERE, SMILE, COME CLOSER, HOLD HANDS, LOOK AT EACH OTHER” and many more instructions and you enjoy following those instructions to get the best shots.

In contrast to candid photography, you are aware that you are being clicked by someone. This kind of photography has a formal approach. It allows us to create the perfect space to take a picture where everyone is giving their best pose. It also means that people can dress up as they wish and give a pose that suits them more.

Candid Wedding Photography v/s Traditional Wedding Photography

On the wedding day, you sneak a joke with your friend’s group unaware of a photographer around you and when you see that moment in your wedding album later only then you smile and miss that moment badly. This is the beauty of candid wedding photography.

It’s all about document emotions with art”

On the other hand, traditional photography is nothing but posed shots, be it sitting or standing. You will always be asked or instructed by us that how to pose, where to stand, how to stand, how close to stand and the instructions count goes on. You will always found a missing natural touch in traditional photos.

In Candid, we can decide a unique angle for capturing the couple. we may focus on a scene through a new position or can use the different sets of lights to give a fresh look to the picture. Hence it is more creative

There is a difference in the approach of a candid photographer as well as a traditional photographer. Candid is informal and traditional is formal.

In traditional photography, we get room to use our creativity to make a perfect shot. We narrate all the right positions and expressions to make a beautiful and memorable album.

You can also differentiate these two through the observation of respective photographers and how they frame a subject and click it. The difference could also be found in the use of lights, be it camera mounted flash, off-camera flash, strobes, or even ambient light.

 Depending upon the photographer’s skill, both candid and traditional can give you good results. We can also say some photos are best justified when shot candidly while certain photos need traditional as well.


 We wait patiently to get that one perfect candid moment when you smile, shed that little tear, sweating your make up off or winking at your partner. These moments can put the wedding album on fire. So for us, it’s always candid.

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